Debugging ABAP Code with a SAP Shortcut - A Must-Have Tool!

Debugging ABAP Code with a SAP Shortcut - A Must-Have Tool!

Posted on December 27, 2017


This is a Must-Have Tool for any ABAP Developer!

Did you ever find you wanted to debug something in SAP GUI right on a certain command or action, but it was in a popup? You can't access the command line to enter \h! Well, now you can with this amazing SAP shortcut!

Open any text editor and add the following:

Description=My company's super awesome ERP system name

Note that the Name (under [System]), Client, Name (under [User]), and WorkDir should all be set to your specific setup. (That's why I've put obvious bogus names for each of them 😊 ).

I keep a copy of mine on my desktop and in my documents directory, as, so it's always close at hand.

Whenever you need to debug something running from a popup, just drag and drop this shortcut into the window you want to debug! (either pressing enter in a field or pressing a button to continue the process in the GUI.)

*** Common gotchya: Things like pressing F4 or clicking the entry help button on any fields will also bring up the debugger after you have dragged and dropped this GUI shortcut - so, make sure you press the button/do the action of exactly what you want to debug!

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